• 1 s audition pieces was the aria Per me giunto e il di supremo from Verdi's opera Don Carlo. And whe▓n Fr
  • 2 ittoli coached him she was so into the music and the scene that she cried.Teno
  • 3 r Gao Yuan, who was a▓lso among the eight finalists, shared Shang's views saying: "Frittoli
  • 4 pays great attention to detail and emotion. I thought I was doing well with the express

tory of Music says she m


s nod this time had ▓failed to gain approval in 2016.Speaking about h▓ow fortunate he feels to be chosen, he says: "I studied in Italy for six years and have performing e▓xperience, but even in Italy, it's difficult to meet such famous coaches."In the past, t

he academy has been a good platform for young musicians at a very critical moment in their development."As for the coaches, they were all impressed by t▓he young singers' natural voices, but offered some

ade great progress w


constructive criticism.For Frittoli, she says: "Th▓e Chinese singers all have wonderful voices, but many of them choose the wrong repertoire."They don't know their voic▓es. They don't know how to use them. People have different voices. So,

some can sing one way, but others cannot."She suggests that singers don't try to sing everything at a young age."It (the voice) is like a new car. You have▓ to take care of it, instead of driving too fast," she explains.

  • ith the lan▓guage. Because she does not speak Italian, and as she canno
  • t understand the libretto, just trying to remember the pronunciation
  • affects her singing.Tenor Zhou Xun, 22, ▓from ce
  • ntral China's Henan province, who did not make t▓he final selection was

still thrilled wi


th being a part of the eve

Papp, who was trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London and is a member of the vocal faculty of the Opera School t


nt.Speaking about the pr

here, says he is particularl▓y excited to find so many young singers. "They don't▓ have bad habits, so, I could teach them▓

ogram, he sa

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